Flaming Star Nebula IC 405

IC 405 is an emission and reflection nebula in the constellation Auriga, surrounding the bluish star AE Aurigae , shines at a magnitude of +6.0 .Rippling dust and gas lanes give the Flaming Star Nebula its name,it lies about 1500 light years from earth

IC405 is an easy target for Astrophotographers to shoot , the Image below was shot through Insightobservatory with a 5" Refractor Ateo 2B and a one shot color camera

around 3.5 hrs of data was collected under dark skies of New mexico

IC 405 flaming star nebula

Image credit copyright: Utkarsh Mishra , michael Petrasko , John evelan, Muir evenden

Imaging Details ; 600secX 21 ( 600 sec subexposer taken 21 times )

image was treated by Calibration frames ( Pre processing was performed by Michael Petrasko )

The data was debayered in CCD stack by Mike as it was shot through a one shot color camera , the 3.5 hrs got split into Red Green and blue respectively and then later on i Processed this Data with the Help of Photoshop and Pixinsight

This was the equipment used to shoot the Flaming star Nebula remotely , the telescope is hosted in Skypieobservatory

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