Gender Equality in Science, technology and innovation

Gender equality and women’s empowerment require innovative approaches and new solutions as the existing ones are not sufficient. There is a need to break the trends to provide opportunities to women which is possible only through innovation and technology. Our club Women-led-science invests directly in technology-driven innovative solutions that meet the requirements of women and girls.

The club focuses on removing the barriers to the advancement of women in innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. There is very less number of women in STEMM field and this gap must be reduced by science popularization and scientific awareness among them at grassroot level. Real innovation is required to close this gender gap for transformative benefits. It is essential to develop scientific temperament since childhood. Innovation is not only about the creative idea, but also to bring that idea to the market. There are generally three factors due to which women are lacking behind in this developing world – free time, access to education and access to finance. These barriers inhibit the innovation potential of women. We have to understand what the intersection between innovation and empowerment of women is. Educated girls perform better everywhere, quickly adopt new technologies and make smart choices in life.

Women-led-Science has an innovative solution that fulfills two goals. It provides opportunity to the girls to volunteer the events based on scientific experiments and demonstrations and creates scientific temperament among the girls related to any field. Science is a vast field of knowledge which has traditionally perceived as “masculine” and women have generally been excluded or pushed to the periphery. Now, It is the time for a change and our club is one such initiatives which will help women to come forward for being part of this STEM

field. We have to understand that girls, ladies and women BELONG in science just like anyone and everyone else!

Since two years, we have done many events at various places where our girl members actively participated and disseminated their scientific knowledge among the orphanage children, students and other individuals wherever scientific awareness was required. Now we have started “WLS pic of the day” in which any female can share their pictures related to STEMM and astronomy and we post it on our various social media handles by providing a letter of appreciation to that particular girl. This boosts up their confidence and they are motivated towards science in this manner. Through uploading videos, we keep popularizing various science as well as astronomical activities time-to-time which is informative in nature. We have also given self defense technique workshops along with the latest technology safety awareness program which can help in their safety at various places. Various astronomical webinars during this lockdown period has helped to increase the knowledge of our audiences. Special days like World cultural and innovation day, Earth day, Ayushman bharat diwas and Environment day were being celebrated by our club by conducting events on these occasions. Consequently, it can be said that there has been significant development in the work we do, not just in terms of quantity but also in terms of quality and depth.

Lastly, we must understand that innovation is cyclical. The more women innovate, the more they inspire and allow other women to innovate. It is necessary to cultivate innovation for empowering women and encouraging gender equality. This will surely lead to create new solutions to difficult problems. Women-Led-Science encourages “By women, For women” aiming at improving the lives of other women while using our power of innovation. Let’s innovate for the future of women. Let’s innovate for the future of our world.

Sweta Srivastava

Co-ordinator, Women-led-Science Club


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