Lucknow to see Super Pink Moon amidst the Lockdown

This month, the ametuer astrophotographers from Uttar Pradesh Ametuer Astronomers Club (UPAAC) & Scientific Knowledge for Youth Ametuer Astronomers Club (SKYAAC), Lucknow cannot stargaze outside their houses, because of current lockdown.

Nevertheless, they are getting the unprecedented views, thanks to clear skies and pollution free atmosphere above their houses, in once thickly polluted Lucknow.

Courtesy: SKYAAC

The current 21-day lockdown, to tackle Covid 19, has resulted in lower pollution levels, which have in turn lead to clearer air, less noise and light. "I have been able to watch Venus in the day time with naked eyes. The night sky from my terrace is now densely packed with stars. In the morning, you can see the belt of Orion, also Sagittarius and Scorpio, are the constellations in the southern skies. Their speciality is that Sagittarius marks the center of Milky Way Galaxy and Scorpio straddles the Milky Way," Sumit Kumar Srivastava, Scientific Officer, Indira Gandhi Planetarium says.

Celestial Events

The coming days hold two celestial events for sky watchers, sighting the Pink Super Moon (the largest full moon of the year) ....

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Research and written by

Swapnil Rastogi

Scientific Data Thanks to Sumit Kumar Srivastava, Scientific Officer Indira Gandhi Planetarium

Special thanks to Subhan Raj

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