Role of Youth in improving the system of Education

As you all know today is National Youth day, also known as Swami Vivekanand Jayanti and theme for this year is “Yuvaah- Utsaah naye bharat ka” which suggests the youth bring alive the celebration of New India. Due to Covid-19, we are celebrating this 24th National Youth festival virtually.

This day is being celebrated to honor the ideals and philosophies of Swami Vivekanand on his birth anniversary. In 1984, Government of India decided to celebrate this day as the philosophy of Swami and the ideals for which he lived and worked could be a great source of inspiration for the youth of India. Vivekanand was vocal about the importance of youth in nation building. He wanted the youths to get out of their comfort zone and achieve anything they desire. He believed that the best weapons of winning the world are with peace and education. Let’s pay respects to Swami Vivekanand who expressed his confidence in the youth of this country. In line with his teachings, I hope our nation’s youth continue to dream big and achieve the impossible.

Meaningful youth engagement in shaping and delivering Education is critical today. It is a make-it or break-it factor that will determine how meaningful and efficient the transformation process will be. Youth represent an important agency in shaping the future of education based on our first-hand experience spaces and opportunities for youth engagement in transforming Education must be created and sustained at all levels – from the global level and the work around SDGs to the regional, country and local level where, day-to-day, youth are confronting with issues of access, relevance, equity and inclusion in Education. Youth advisory groups, student councils, online youth education hubs – young people today have the capacity and the willingness to engage in many different ways. It is not enough to give them a seat at the table but to rather engage with them in a continuous and relevant manner. And, in this, it is important to consider that issues affecting young people and education are dynamic, continuously evolving and different from region to region.

We need collaboration, empathy and teamwork in order to transform education and young people play an important role in creating an agile, sustainable and lifelong education system that addresses the needs of the future. The success of every society is dependent on its ability to maintain educated populace overtime. Therefore, we need the connection and experience of young people to recreate the educational experience to meet the demands of today and the future.

Empowering more youth to join the teaching profession will go a long way to improve quality education, promote inclusion and ensure equity in education particularly in underrepresented communities. Finally, if we are to provide a sustainable solution to education in a rapidly changing world, we need to leverage on youth-led innovations and assistive technologies that will transform the learning environment for every child.

Youth represents the backbone of every country; they are considered the heart that pulses life and innovation in any society. They should receive appropriate education to empower them to be equipped with knowledge and to be active members in their communities and the world as whole. Over time, youth have been deemed the main factor of reform movements because they are looking for a better and new life that meets their expectations and they are the ones who reject radical solutions of modern issues.

There are several causes that limit education quality and consequently lessens youths’ role in creating the culture of creativity and innovation which in turn contributes to achieve the goals of sustainable development. Education quality is considered the tool for comprehensive development. The quality of education and its efficiency determines the success of development. Human resources are the main tool for economic development that are mainly built by education. For this fact, most countries are committed to achieve quality education as a priority in countries developmental strategic plans especially for youth. Youth could play the positive role and make a difference in economic and social structures and achieve the desired developmental outcomes. Therefore, the authorities should focus on the education quality, the characteristics of their teachers and skills they acquire during the teaching-learning process.

Youth is a time of tremendous energy. You should look at the possibilities, not the problems. Youth can do their best to participate in the development process instead of waiting for it. This National youth day, let us pledge to build an Atmanirbhar Bharat powered by the strength of our youth.


Sweta Srivastava

President,WLS club

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