Solar Radiation and Different types of Solar Energy Systems, A talk by Anurag Tiwari

"Astronomy Delights: Episode XI"

(Extended for four more daily episodes on popular demand)

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As we all are aware of the fact that in the present day scenario, the demand of energy is increasing rapidly. Keeping view on global warming, we just don't rely upon fossil fuels so the solution is solar energy. Every day, we get a huge amount of solar radiation which can be harnessed for many useful purposes which helps in keeping the environment clean and green.

Ignited Minds VIPNET Club (VP-UP-0103), SKYAAC VIPNET Club (VP-UP-0149), WLS VIPNET Club (VP-UP-0165), EduStem Initiative Global, in collaboration with SKY Foundation, in its series of Astronomy Delights, present before all the Episode XI, extending the series to four more episodes on popular demand, in the form of a short talk on “Solar Radiation and Different types of Solar Energy Systems” by Mr. Anurag Tiwari, an expert in Renewable Energy, former intern National Institute Of Solar Energy (NISE), in-charge Project Science Bus a joint project CSTUP and IIT-Kanpur.

Join us today evening on the Google Platform of VIPNET Clubs-SKY Foundation-EduStem to Celebrate Astronomy Delights Extended Episodes the May of 2020 at 1905 hrs IST in our Series of "Astronomy Delights: Episode XI".

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