The Shared Heritage Of Astronomy and Humankind-In a Time lapse (Part -II)

"Astronomy Delights: Episode XII"

(Extended for four more daily episodes on popular demand)

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Our understanding of archeoastronomy sites worldwide is based not only on a rich archaeological record and texts that go back thousands of years, but also on a living tradition that is connected to the past. Interestingly the cultural diversity and a tangled history of interactions with neighboring regions make the story complex. The texts reveal to us the cosmological ideas that lay behind astronomical sites in the historical period. In the historical period, astronomical observatories were part of different complexes.

Ignited Minds VIPNET Club (VP-UP-0103) in collaboration with SKY Foundation, SKYAAC VIPNET Club (VP-UP-0149), WLS VIPNET Club (VP-UP-0165), EduStem Initiative Global, in its series of Astronomy Delights, presents before all the Episode in the form of a short talk on “The Shared Heritage Of Astronomy and Humankind-In a Time lapse (Part -II)” by Mr. Amritanshu Vajpayee an amateur astronomer, astrophotographer, scholar in astronomy, Coordinator Ignited Minds VIPNET Club (VP-UP-0103).

We bring to you a historical traversal of how the quest of understanding cosmos geminated, phased, developed in the prehistoric, ancient and medieval times, and presenting before the audience a glimpse of the field of archeoastronomy through various sites traversing the globe. We also bring to you “Demonstration of Eratosthenes’s experiment” to estimate the size of Earth, a nationwide activity popularized by Vigyan Prasar on May 13, 2020 and how a citizen can be a part of the activity and become a citizen scientist.

Join us today evening on the Google Platform of VIPNET Clubs-SKY Foundation-EduStem to Celebrate Astronomy Delights Extended Episodes the May of 2020 at 1905 hrs IST in our Series of "Astronomy Delights: Episode XI".

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