The Story of Stars: The Celebrities of Night Sky

"Astronomy Delights: Episode IX"

“The Story of Stars: The Celebrities Of Night Sky”

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Looking at night sky is always a treat to the eyes. But beyond these twinkling dots, there are all sorts of stars that are beautiful and fascinating. They also hold key to the mysteries of the universe. For centuries, humans have tried to unravel the spectacular lives of stars. We have learnt quite a lot in the process but there is still so much that remains unknown.

SKYAAC VIPNET Club (VP-UP-0149), Ignited Minds VIPNET Club (VP-UP-0103), WLS VIPNET Club (VP-UP-0165), EduStem Initiative Global, in collaboration with SKY Foundation, in its series of Astronomy Delights, presents before all the Episode IX in the form of a short talk on “The Story of Stars: The Celebrities Of Night Sky” by Miss Poojan Agarwal, astrophysicist and OzGraw Ph.D. Scholar, Centre For Astrophysics and Super Computing,  Swinburne University of Technology, Australia.

In this talk, the speaker discuss some ways in which we can study stars, telling the story through a Hertz sprung-Russell diagram and the importance of lives of these stars in the present-day astrophysical problems.

Join us today evening on the Google Platform of SKYAAC (VP-UP-0149), Ignited Minds (VP-UP-0103),  WLS(VP-UP-0165), VIPNET Clubs-SKY Foundation-EduStem to Celebrate Astronomy Week of Spring of the May of 2020 at 1905 hrs IST in our Series of "Astronomy Delights: Episode IX".

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